The Antofagasta British School is an educational institution of scientific and humanistic education founded in Antofagasta, on June 5, 1918 with the aim of educating children of British immigrants with the standards of English education.


ABS is owned and operated by the Educational Corporation of the Antofagasta British School, a non-profit organization composed exclusively of current students’ parents. It is governed by statutes with administrative functions (Assembly/Board) approved by the Ministry of Justice.  The members of the board are chosen from the same school parents.

Its first location (1918 – 1981) was the old English colonial style house located on the corner of Zenteno and Iquique in the grounds of Antofagasta/ Bolivia Railway, FCAB. The educational institution, then known as the English School, welcomed all children of British immigrants residing in the city. The FCAB workers decided years later to integrate all children of their Chilean workers, thus forming the bilingual community. Afterwards, in 1982 the school moved to the current location, the building on Pedro Leon Gallo Street, which was built in record time thanks to the management and personal contribution of the board members of the time.

The first headmaster was the Rev. Canon E. Jones (1918-1923).  Mrs. Nelly Owen was headmaster for the longest amount of time (18 years from 1932 to 1950).

To date we have had 21 Headmasters, who have led the school in its nearly 100 year history.

Currently, the ABS has an enrollment of over 860 students from Mini-Kinder (age 3) to Twelfth grade (IV° Medio), who are guided by a faculty composed of over 70 teachers and supported by 30 administrative workers.